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The Irish Independent Directory, which is delivered to 1. Vouchers earned from being a member of a supermarket loyalty scheme are the most popular and if used correctly, can have decent rewards too. A clever use of loyalty schemes can make vouchers even more worthwhile than their face value would suggest. Other stores like Boots, Brown Thomas and Ikea also attract shoppers with discount coupons. You can redeem points with the Boots Advantage Card and Ikea offers 25 per cent discounts on its Family range with their card.

I recently binge watched the extreme couponing series in awe, then realised i dont buy cereal, sports drinks or butterfingers, and wondered how much they spent on petrol. Extreme couponing and the drama of such exorbitant savings are overrated! Creating a budget and sticking to it — while working toward making good spending choices can be just as effective… and the long-term results are good personal finance habits.

Great post — lots of good insights! I have listened to your comments and would like to respond. In the uk couponing is different but u can still get good deals. Another example, Tesco have coupons in there lastest mag i took five and went on my supermarket. And good riddance!

Just another arrogant Brit….

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Amanda — Absolutely! Good luck — and I would love to know how you get on, so I hope you will chronicle your progress on your blog…. Jay — I feel exactly the same. Lisa — Thanks. Lol pam got burned. I watched the extreme couponing program and found it a bit crazy, Stockpiling on items that would not be used in their lifetime. Also alot of rubbish such as piles of candy bars that could feed hundreds of sweet toothed brits and some products that by the time they eat them will be so old that at the best would have deteriorated in flavour.

However I am looking, due to change in circumstances to try to save money and have researched on line coupons and sample sites.

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I have not really found much in UK. I would like to do this on a small scale and only use those for items I actually use. I have to drastically cut down on my outgoings and every little bit will help. Can anyone here give me some tips as as I said I have not found much at all in UK. In many respects coupon policies of stores in the UK have more leeway than those in the US.

To the previous commenter, I find the forum money saving expert best for this as they have a thread in their forum with all the available money saving coupons available in the UK at the moment. In the UK most coupons are printables as opposed to being from magazines etc, some have a print limit but in most cases you can legitimately print more if you use a different email address, but in some cases the print limit is per computer.

Make sure you check terms and conditions as a few coupons really are strictly one per person or household though. Soph thank you for your reply. Had a look at your suggested site and it looks good. Also see many other useful tips there so between this site and that one hopefully I shall be able to save a little money. Should be fun trying too.

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No problem. Was writing my reply on my phone so just realised it was a bit of an essay lol!

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It has expired now but until the end of February there was a lovely PDF coupon around that could be used on a certain brand of laundry detergent and the a particular fabric conditioner made by unilever, being a PDF it was allowed to print as many as you liked. Several times in the past few months there were rock bottom offers on both products so the saving with the coupon on top was huge and I now have a cupboard full.

I get coupons each week out of the Sunday newspaper and hardly find a need for any of them. Also I agree that British supermarkets are so superior in the quality of the food and also the price. I had to pay excess baggage on my last visit lol! Its like that in the US also, most coupons for non-food items or junk food.

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There are notable exceptions though and many coupons have an expiry date of 3, 6 even 12 months sometimes. I also had some club card vouchers and a tesco gift card that I had won from unilever. So those added to the savings. I did have a wheelchair-bound lady huffing and puffing behind me in annoyance although she saw how much shopping I was getting before coming to the same till as me, and she still did despite Tesco being unusually quiet. I just smiled and then ignored her, it only took the till lady 20 seconds more to scan all my coupons including the club card ones and gift card, so it was hardly a huge hold up.

It was pretty fun. Wow — it sounds like quite a haul. Well done Soph! The MySupermarket site is certainly useful…. See more offers in Beverages. See more offers in Foods. See more offers in Household. Shop and save big with the brands you love.

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You can print a maximum of coupons at a time. Print these coupons now and clip additional coupons after you print. Print Coupons