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Check it out now! Skyscanner searches over thousands of airlines and travel agencies at once to help you find the cheapest flights and air tickets all over the world. Travellers can also compare the prices and find the best deal for Hotels and Car Rental in Skyscanner.

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Skyscanner is the best travel buddy that you can't miss! Search flights. Skyscanner App Download Skyscanner App to search and book cheap flights, hotels and car rental. Skyscanner is free! Skyscanner's unique tools Skyscanner has awesome tools and features to help you find cheap flights and air tickets immediately, which help you to save your time and money. Oh the possibilities. The first thing to do is to go to the month view by clicking on the departure date.

This will bring up the calendar and you can choose the cheapest month or the month you would prefer to fly. Do the same for the return box. You can look at these two boxes and see prices to both legs, and try to find the two cheapest days and match them up to get a super cheap flight. There can often be multiple hundreds of dollars in the price difference from one day to the next. I LOVE this discovery. So silly me unknowingly planned to leave China over the Easter holiday and I was checking flights out of Guangzhou which is where I assumed we would fly from.

Then when I looked into departure points I found that I could also get a train to, and fly from, Shenzhen. So I checked the prices and found a much cheaper flight and better train connections so less time hanging around the airport. The map is good for this too! You can book a different arrival and departure point if the flights suit. Most of the time they are the most efficient and cheapest, but sometimes it pays to investigate. For example, our flight to Zhangjaijie in China is routed through Guangzhou. You can also check different hubs as In Asia you can generally route through Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok on different airlines.

So check the prices on all.

You can book hotels through Skyscanner as well as flights. Are you kidding me?

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You can filter hotels based on baby-sitting services. Yes please! The other standout in my opinion for Skyscanner Hotels is its map. I am so down on maps at the moment on other hotel booking sites. But this one does and I love it.

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And check out my other two articles: How we find cheap flights and save money on airfares 14 airlines we love flying in Asia. And make sure to download the Skyscanner app!

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Great tips!! I love skyscanner. Such a great way to save momey so you can do what else, travel more. Thanks a bunch!! I really need to look more into this! I love Skyscanner. Saved me so much money over the years. Great tips! We love Skyscanner too! Travel agents now have a hard time finding better deals than we do ahah! I never knew about the map or combination flights!

I definitely love Skyscanner.

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Great tool to search and plan but nothing beats having a personal Travel Manager available to you when you need it most. A real person with contacts to real people and available to speak to in person over the phone or on messenger etc.

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An agent has your back wherever you are in the world. Just a thought. Great tips, thank you!

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So cool! Is there a way to alter this tool based on price alone?? Love being able to search visually! We do most of these but I had no idea about the flight comparison map! Learn something new everyday. Interesting post I have never read this kind of stuff before. Loved while reading. Keep sharing this type of post for awareness.