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Some restaurant deals heighten price awareness while others do not, while still motivating customers. Customers will rarely connect the regular price of a menu item to a free deal. Offering free items is often a better long-term strategy for restaurants than giving percentage discounts or certain amounts off the price.

Discounts take away from the perceived value of your food and services while free gifts offer incentives for customers to try new foods, refer the restaurant to others and dine more often. Discounts convey the impression that your regular prices are too high for the food, neighborhood or restaurant concept.

Coupon Codes by Store Name

The exceptions are highly competitive fast food chains, which tend to bombard consumers with offers, discounts and BOGO offers. Direct mail campaigns frequently target consumers in the neighborhood with pages of discount coupons, especially for burger and pizza restaurants. Coupon books include offers that apply at different times so that consumers keep the coupons handy to save money on food. Unlike the full-service restaurant experience, fast food places get value from increased customer volume and convincing people to order out instead of cooking at home.

Cost savings become important tools for convincing budget-conscious families to eat in fast food restaurants for convenience. However, even the fast food places gravitate toward free offers when possible. Buy one sandwich and get one free is a common offer, and free beverages or fries are often among the coupons that these restaurants offer.

Freebie also has a strategic element where a restaurant owner can advance the overall brand.

Free incentives have power to bring large parties to your restaurant, and birthday freebies are great examples of this principle. Most people celebrate their birthdays with friends, family members and co-workers.

Best Digital Coupon Apps in Restaurants, Grocery, Fast Food etc.

In this era of extreme couponing and group deals, consumers love to savor a restaurant meal for the price of fast food or get a facial for half off. But are these bargains a good deal for small merchants? You may want to limit the deal to a certain number of customers, a particular season or time period.

The type of discount offered — be it a buy one, get one BOGO free or a price cut — also depends on the business and the clientele.

Discount burgers: Do coupons help fast-food chains?

Song said that small business owners should consider alternatives to dollar-off and percentage discounts, such as adding free services for which they would normally charge. That strategy may not work for businesses such as restaurants, which have fixed food costs. Julie Anne Mossler, a spokesperson for Groupon, said small business owners have to take a hard look at their businesses and their customers when deciding on the best way to promote their business.

We can work with them to put a cap on the number of offers that can be redeemed, for example.

Fast food restaurant deals with a deadline

Mossler cautions that small businesses can be victims of their own success if they make these offers too aggressive. Mossler said Groupon works with small business owners to construct the best offers based on a number of criteria, such as average sales and busiest times. Vince Vigorito, owner of the Long Island, N.

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