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If they did not have to clean up after us, they would be available for other important things. Let us not waste their valuable time and allow them to do their job. Acknowledge those invisible souls by doing whatever you can to help.

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When the urge comes to litter, stop and think about the custodians and what they could be doing if they did not have to pick up your trash. Take responsibility for your actions. Can I really land a job after college? According to The National Center for Education Statistics, those with bachelor degrees earn almost double than those who only have high school diplomas. But the question however, is not the annual earnings it is the odds of those graduates getting the mere chance to enter the workforce. Where not only are. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, although unemployment rates have lowered in the past 2 years unemployment rates for college graduates less than 25 years of age is at an astounding 8 percent where the national average is at a close 9 percent.

Katrina Evans, a recruiter for Tech Staff Inc. This seems a bit much for the average college graduate but is simply the reality. So, what is the likelihood you will find a job after college? Chances are slim but if you know someone and your networks are aligned by the time you walk across that stage the odds will probably be in your favor. Over a million people ride the Metro everyday and consider it to be a reliable form of transportation. Many students decided to leave their vehicles at home in order to save money on gas or save themselves the hassle of parking.

Students took advantage of the student bus pass and commuted by public transportation. Because of the changes in our economy, many people have decided to go back to school. Now, more than ever, people are riding the bus or taking the train. We have seen drastic changes throughout our school system and I was discouraged to see that one of our student privileges would be affected this semester. We will be forced to spend money on public transportation rather than spending our money on books and school supplies. I am very disappointed about this change, because I believe that many students benefited from the TAP card and used it efficiently.

It is essential for the school district to bring back the student TAP card because it encouraged students to use public transportation. In the long run, the I-Tap program helped students save money that they cannot afford to spend. I understand our economy is going through some turbulence and the budget cuts are becoming more intense, but students like myself used the TAP card on a daily basis. It made things a lot easier for us and allowed us to choose a more environmentally friendly form of transportation.

Students brave long lines that wrap around the Student Services Bungalow. Higher enrollment draws more students who seek financial aid dollars on a hot fall day. Beyond tuition matters, perhaps the most visible effect of the spike in enrollment is class availability. With fewer sections and more students this fall, getting into classes has proven difficult for many.

Timothy Adamski is a first-semester LACC student who has already experienced the competitiveness of class enrollment. They see bigger classes. They pay the fee increase. She acknowledges that although it may be inconvenient to students, the increases might be essential to the survival of the college. Jamillah Moore, who had discontinued the use of the software, claimed that everyone who had purchased it would be reimbursed.

Cerezo, for one, seemed unaware of the formal application process and had asked for reimbursement in person. Still, he believes the number of students who asked for their money back to be relatively low. He was not certain whether or not there was a deadline in place for reimbursement applications. The experiences with EducoSoft left students dissatisfied, prompting Dr. Moore to order a preliminary investigation and an internal audit. Student class schedules were somehow released to a private company.

Students who believe their personal information was improperly disclosed can complete a. FERPA complaint. Still, anonymous sources claim that the actual profit margin was considerably higher. The recipients of any potential profits are also unknown at this point. A number of LACC faculty contributed to the development of the software.

The Collegian contacted Arnold Blanchard, auditor for the Los Angeles Community College District, who confirmed that an investigation was currently in progress. However, Blanchard was unable to comment, as the investigation continues. This should come as welcome news to students who were affected by the software.

No one was returning my phone calls. Nobody knew anything. It was very frustrating. Marshall E. Drummond, chancellor of the L. Community College District in Now, due to the lack of funding, students have to pay more than double without the assistance of the I-TAP program. No agreement has been reached and since then, the district has made no attempt to meet with Metro personnel.

Ledkins, when asked about the status of the program.

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Faculty and staff also use the Metro. It will ultimately make it more difficult for students to remain in college. Now, students are speaking out about the loss of the I-TAP pass. Photo By Luca Loffredo. Thirty young journalists from Shanghai, China filed into the Chemistry Building and the newspaper offices of the Collegian a week before the start of fall classes. They were members of the Little China Writers Guild, which has been training student journalists for 40 years.

The children ranged in age from 9 to 12 years old, and represented 14 different schools in Shanghai. Journalism Professor Rhonda Guess gave a short lecture on the qualities of a good reporter and press freedoms. She also shared broadcast journalism field tapes. Rowling of Shanghai. Students from an ancient land gasped when they received a copy of the Collegian Times magazine that commemorated the 80th Anniversary of the journalism program. The Little. China Writers Guild just celebrated its 40th year. The Little Writers Guild reporters asked questions following the lecture, and they were full of questions for Library Chair Barbara Vasquez and Dean of Academic Affairs Allison Jones, urged on sometimes by their chaperones.

Vasquez led the journalists to the third floor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Library MLK. They milled around, then stood on the very spot where former President. Vasquez told the young students about the various resources available in the Library. Students listened intently as she described special collections, and the number of visitors who come to the MLK Library each week. She answered questions on admissions requirements, surprising the Shanghai children with how beginning level studio art classes at LACC have no prerequisites.

They also expressed surprise at how many courses at community colleges are open to everyone. When the curtain rises on a theatre production of Medea at St. The two worlds of theatre and cinema meld into a single experience. A former LACC student turned film. Guild of America. He has also produced short films and documentaries that have been featured in film festivals throughout the country.

Fabrice Conte is Chairperson of St. The production Medea opens Sept. Being a military veteran in the United States has more benefits than many vets are aware of; students alone have a plethora of benefits they can apply for. Both in active duty or not, there are still general benefits that the majority of veterans are eligible to receive if only they have the right paperwork on file to receive them.

Jackson Likon, U. Army veteran. Veterans in general receive VA health care benefits, disability compensation for those who qualify, VA pensions, additional education and training, a home loan guaranty, VA life insurance, burial and memorial benefits, a national call center for at-risk veterans, AID VET , housing and urban development centers, and additional benefits from special groups.

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Studies have shown that about 85 percent of veterans have trouble adjusting to civilian life after war, which is why there is a program that rehabilitates and allows veterans to be able to transition from military to civilian life. Randy Simulano, U. coupons code 60% working - Coupons Discount 2019

Marines veteran. In addition to receiving these benefits there are also organizations dedicated to providing veterans with additional help in filling out paperwork, acquiring additional counseling and getting veterans work. One such website is www. There are also other federal organizations that are dedicated to specifically helping veterans with additional support such as www.

If the veteran is not currently in school, a good place to start finding benefits appropriate for them is the Department of Veterans Affairs online at www. There they can be directed to a department that best answers their bene. After research and feedback from the field, along with what is mentioned in blogs and on other troop-support websites, these items listed below help soldiers stay in touch with family, relieve stress and some can even be used in the field.

Unlocked GSM cell phone. I was not the only one who was excited and surprised when we were told that we were going to a press conference at Woodbury University to speak with Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi from Uganda on the second day of school at Los Angeles City College. I jumped at the chance at this learning experience to help me gain a greater understanding of journalism and world affairs. I hitched a ride with some fellow students, raced home, changed into my nicest clothing, and grabbed my camera and iPad while running back to meet my ride.

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We all chipped in for gas money and seven of us squeezed into a car and sped down the 5 free way to make it to the meeting at p. There were 80 students in the auditorium ready to question Vice President Ssekandi about his experiences in Uganda. I cannot express the thrill and excitement that was buzzing around the auditorium. I had my camera ready to go to take pictures that I could hand over to our school newspaper, the Los Angeles Collegian, but something happened that was rather unexpected and unfortunate. This really disappointed the entire group of students who were eager to learn more about Uganda and the personal experiences of Vice President Ssekandi.

All the research we had collectively done and all the questions we had planned to ask have gone unheard and unanswered. I understand that things happen but I also believe the responsibility of any government official, U. They should keep their word and honor commitments. We are the same deep down and we support your country and hope more than anything that with time and tolerance your country will grow and prosper. Thank you again for your time and good luck. These prepaid calling cards allow a soldier to call home from a phone tent.

I must say I am terribly sorry. I certainly agree with you that it was an embarrassment to all of us especially the organizers of the press conference at the University, Prof. Clift and Prof. I am terribly sorry. God knows that I tried my best. I was shocked after spending close to two hours calling around when I was told that it was too late for H. Ssekandi to go to Woodbury, yes I got the shock of my life and walked away in tears.

Digital Photo Frame. Apple iPod Touch 32 GB. Kindle eBook Reader. I am very depressed and I believe the depressing thoughts seem to get me down. The good news is that the Vice President Ssekandi agreed to send an apology letter to the College authorities. Matthew your questions will be replied to in detail next week. Best regards and have a great weekend and holidays. You have the option of getting one for that country or a multi-roaming card. Olympus Ruggedized Digital Camera. There is also a helpful list of what not to send a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan found at www.

Every English class requires a specific textbook however, that students may end up selling the textbook back once the class is over. Some English books are worth keeping. Here are textbooks that can be kept because they can be very beneficial to your future. Students—need a break from the recession? Here are some free services and products that will help you stretch your budget.

Take notes for Freebies Guess what? Many restaurants know you are not celebrating alone on your special day and would like to treat you and your friends. Of course — your meal is free, just pull out the ID. Here are a few places that give you goodies on your birthday. Get a free birthday drink when you register with Starbucks. This is an offer too good to pass up. Select the gift cards you like. Read the fine print. Some require subscriptions.

Kelso St. For more information, contact Minister Pampa Thompson at Be sure to get there early! Doors open at p. This book can be purchased at the LACC bookstore or at a discounted price online. This book has templates that can help students with persuasive writing and argumentation. This book can be found online at amazon. Call Call - Mr. Longoria at Call Marlene Call -Tom Childcare 3. There are articles and essays in this book that can serve as a model for students who need guidance when it comes to their writing.

This book has been around for 20 years, and there are many students who have benefited from it. Ruszkiewicz, this book offers students a guide that covers advice on writing genres, reading skills, and more helpful tips to help students write at the appropriate level. This is a writing guide for anyone that feels that they need help with their writing skills This book gets 5 paws.

Call Frank Harper at or visit website www. Volunteers for tutoring are welcome. Doors open at 10pm. Medusa Lounge — Beverly Blvd.

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Los Angeles, CA. Nutrition Center opening in September Call Dominick — Jobs 5. The free merchandise that is given away ranges from free brownies to blood glucose monitoring machines. Miscellaneous 6. Calling all students!

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The Fred Jordan Missions is giving them away. You must register by Oct. The mission is located at Towne Ave. Free blood pressure check: Blood pressure problems? Your local fire department and CVS are perfect places for a free and quick blood pressure check up. I give private lessons for individuals or groups My rates are reasonable.

Call Marina By Heidi D. The path to success has lead her to LACC. Jackson is poised and putting the finishing touches on an already amazing person, mother and vocalist. Despite the many hats she wears, she juggles it all with grace and humility. We caught up with Shawntae to find out what she has in mind for the future, how education plays a part in shaping it, and how she got her voice. It was then when I heard myself and said I can sing, maybe I should do this for real. Collegian: Describe the range of emotion you experience when you audition and compete on a national television show.

A friend kept calling and urging me to do the show. I finally gave in and did the audition. Then at that moment it was exhilaration, like a roller coaster ride. From there I put myself into the song like I literally wrote it, feeling the passion and depth of the words. Shawntae Jackson: The biggest challenge is keeping structure for my daughter. It is important for us to have face time, for me to get us home at a consistent hour so she can take a bath and actually spend quality time with me sharing the events of her day.

Shawntae Jackson: I have worked with some incredible musicians but when I tell you studying theory, learning keyboard harmony and reading music has given me a tremendous respect for this thing called music. I have become more discipline, which has helped improve my performances. It was then when I heard myself and said I can sing, Collegian: Where do you see yourself 1, 5, 10 years from now? Shawntae Jackson: My mom and sisters have all gone back to school and are following their dreams.

Shawntae Jackson: The key to balancing it all is having a great support system. We all put our schedules in to support each other. Collegian: Tell us some of the challenges. Shawntae Jackson: Spend time finding out who you are as a person. Knowing who you are gives you a healthy balance in not only your career but in all your relationships.

It takes vulnerability, humility, being honest with you and willingness to do the work.

The Latin Business Association,

Doing the work makes you relatable as an artist. Shawntae Jackson: In one year my goals are to have my first CD released and the next one completed. In five years my goals are to have national recognition, my teaching credentials to teach vocals and to travel. Collegian: How do you study to become a better vocalist? Shawntae Jackson: To become a better vocalist I practice harmonizing every day. My sister taught us how to harmonize to commercials so whatever I hear I just sing it and make it my own.

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It ends with a shocking revelation about the American Dream and the compromises we make to achieve it. A City Playhouse Production.. A world premiere not to be missed! The curtain rises on Sept. During a particularly trying public transit ride home, the thought of sitting idle and waiting for a bus I had barely missed for 45 minutes upset me. I thought about how at that very moment, one of the most pressing concerns in my life is my lack of bookcases.

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The boxes that cover the floor-space in my room, take up my air, and refuse to withstand stacking because of their weight. Verified Great Offer. Cool, can you share with other users how much did you save? Take chance to enjoy the best price with the help of Lacc. Get Deal. Include my location. Recent Comments. Verified Scale X IW04 x0. Never miss out any Lacc. Hurry up! Find latest posts by CatatonicStupor Offline ReputationRep Follow 10 Is it a strict word limit, like will you lose marks for being words over. You dont need to have done incomparable things to be interesting.

He received a pay for english essays degree in photojournalism from the University Autonoma de Barcelona and was later hired as assistant to acclaimed photographer Donna Ferrato in New York City. Im an editor, and it drives me crazy constantly fixing such poor expression. Choose one warm-up exercise from the chapter. Your paragraph must be no less than words. Were going to try custom essay coupon code to participate, since the deadline is January 16, we may have time to get them in. Furthermore, I will probably live in a luxury house which will be surrounded by a very lovely private garden with green grass, roses and a small botanic garden.

We hope that youll plunge into it, thoughtfully develop pay for write essay ideas, be honest, and let us hear your voice. Tell us who you are by writing about topics or in a style that reveals your personality, character, or sense of the world. Autobiographical tale, custom essay coupon code way instead High school students choose their friends for various reasons, and some of their choices may result in positive and negative effects.