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Ride-Wright Tire. Although the wait was over an hour, I waited because of his gratitude. After he took a look, he explained to me what happen. I was mind blown. He then told me what my options were. He didn't say, "You need to buy a new tires. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. On a trip to the mountains the brakes failed, overheated and began smoking. Even with a mile and 12 month warranty they refuse to replace them.

Said they cannot prove anything is wrong after driving around the block but we should replace the rotors because they show signs of bluing which means heat damage. The truck is now unsafe to drive. On the paperwork after inspecting the truck they stated we refused to have the brakes and rotors replaced but that was never offered.

They did offer to replace them if we paid for it again. I am a repeat customer with my company's fleet and I have trusted my trucks to Firestone on Andrews Hwy. Lilly has always taken care of all my needs. She is very polite and professional. I had got a oil change done back in May 09, After paying for services and things like like then leaving my car was making a strange noise in the engine I took my car right back to the company. And complained about the noise.

Other than that. I got in touch with corporate about the problem and they was really nice and understanding and I appreciate them. I went and took my car to a different location as the manager requested I do so. To see what the loud noise was and then the other store did everything else but found out what that noise was that was loud in my engine. And said everything was okay and even my oil level was low and I have pictures and witnesses to prove it.

And the person never said it everything was good or not but was talking about other things that was needed to be done on vehicle. Which raised a red flag for me. I notice recently my oil light came on and I just had a oil changed done not too long ago from Firestone. Why did my oil run out so quick if my oil change was done properly? I need answers or I need a refund?? Had my car inspected. The next day the muffler was hanging off, they want no responsibility for it.

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Also had tires rotated and mark them just to see if they did them, weren't done. Give them so much business and all I do is listen to formality of what they do. Had it and won't give them business anymore. Don't trust. I have the lifetime alignment program with them and I have been complaining that their alignment program is not working. In the fall of I got 4 new tires from them as well as an alignment multiple times. I took it to Discount Tire and that is when I saw the worst looking tires I have ever seen.

The back right tire had NO tread in the middle of the tire. The two front tires wore down to the metal on the insides, etc. All 4 tires had to be replaced. The brand of tire that was used by Firestone had never been heard of by Discount Tire. The quality was supposed to be rated for 50K miles and they did not even last months.

Saving Money Is Always A Plus

I also want someone from corporate to see if the alignment machine is calibrated or not. At this point, I believe this location is run by crooked people or incompetent people, I am not sure which. I have pictures of each tire, the tread wear and the date on these tires. There is no way to send those pics to you on this contact form but if you send me an email I will send them to you.

Ask yourself if tires should look like this after 8 months if you get alignments. How can that be? Totally unacceptable!!! So I called AAA, in 15 mins they were at my door changing my flat tire. For a flat tire. So she gives me 2 numbers to a Tire Plus, this is their sister stores and they will help. So I called, made an appointment for the next day. Get to the store standing waiting, then another woman comes in and he takes her before me. So he calls off all these names that are for 1pm.

Did not think it would be this much just for a flat tire that is under warranty. I know to stick with the smaller shops. I guess the small jobs are not big enough for your big britches Firestone. For the second time we have taken my car to the Firestone Frisco on Preston Road locations and they were unable to correctly diagnose the problem. This time, they finally found the problem but ordered the wrong belts and were unable to get the correct one.

We had to pay to have my car towed a second time to take it to the dealership. All they really know is tires. Don't waste your time or money!

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Now, we have been following up with their corporate office numerous times for months trying to get anyone to call us back for a refund. Managers, Directors, and Executives are all blowing us off by ignoring all of the messages for months now, just waiting for us to give up. They are ripping people off, wasting our time, and providing no service whatsoever.

I'm writing about my experience with at radiator repair at a Firestone complete care center in Fredericksburg VA. My daughter was traveling home to NC from Delaware.

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  • When her vehicle started to overheat. She pulled over and immediately called me. I informed my daughter to pull over and call roadside assistance. They determined there was a leak in her radiator. Roadside assistance got my daughter to the nearest FCC. Unfortunately I had to get my daughter back home to work the next day so I purchased a plane ticket for her. The next day I received a call from FS stating the radiator needed to be replaced.

    I authorized the repair of which I thought was extremely high over for a Honda Civic radiator labor and parts. To make a long story short the vehicle was repaired I paid over the phone and my daughter picked the vehicle up the following weekend. After about four hours of driving the vehicle began to overheat again. The next morning I received a call from the second store stating the vehicle was improperly repaired in VA.

    As a result the vehicle has a blown head gasket and will need to be sent out to be repaired. My complaint at this point is that no one has called to update me on the claim process nor has anyone reached out to rectify my inconvenience, that is, provide a temporary vehicle for my daughter to drive while being repaired. Additionally I think the cost of the initial repair was outrageous I priced a new radiator for the vehicle at less than 50 dollars and a radiator kit at That is seriously overpriced.

    I have used Firestone for years and the service at least in NC has always been stellar. But their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. At this point I would settle for a phone call with information about next steps. The damage incurred to my daughters vehicle is clearly the mistake of Firestone in Virginia.

    I would think they would be a lot more prompt with resolution of the claim and speedy restitution.

    Get life time wheel alignment!!!

    It is frustrating waiting on a call that never comes. Garnett, we never like to hear that one of our customers had a poor experience at our location, and we're here to help. If you'd like further assistance, we'd be glad to refer your concerns to the appropriate team. Would you please email us with the details, and your contact information?

    We appreciate your business with us, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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    After the installation of the new compressor, it states on paper that no leaks were found. Additionally, I specifically stated that I had taken it to Honda and they did the initial test. In other words, if there was a leak, the dye would be visible. Needless to say, I am now being told there is a leak and the condenser and line need to be replaced. I was offered free labor if I purchased the parts, but my research has shown the cost for the parts to be vastly inflated. A prior engine light led to my being told the top and side solenoid needed to be replaced.

    The reason? The side solenoid was never replaced during the initial visit as I was told it was! I had no choice - then - but to pay for everything that needed to be done. I am going through this with Firestone again, but refuse to hand away my money a second time. It is absolutely unfair and dishonorable to put me through this again.

    I am willing to continue with this repair for the price already paid - without bringing lost wages into consideration. If that is not possible, I will be challenging this charge on my Firestone card and canceling it. I am also going to look into replacing the compressor and returning the one installed by Firestone as the initial step towards a refund.

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    Just for the record, on June 9, around 5pm, the guy on the front desk refused to help on an emergency simply fix a flat tire. Very rude. Kicked me out of the store. When asked his name, he did not want gave it to me. Do not go there, their reviews online are very bad, I thought they may help me, but I am wrong.

    Firestone stripped the drain plug on my oil pan.