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Thank you sallys. My all time fav store Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Brookeelle from Best affordable spray tan!!! I bought mine a year and a half ago. The tan is beautiful and no smell!! Super coverage I use a makeup brush to blend areas that are not an even spray. It may take a few times to perfect but worth the price for sure!!!!!

Rated 1 out of 5 by Jbunnyluv from Runny, streaky, nightmare Product did not spray evenly, was very wet and dripped all over. Didn't rub in well, finished product made my skin look dirty not tanned. Would not recommend.

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Have also sprayed friends for special events. Sun and tanning beds only turn me red to must red clay. I apply this at least two hours before bed. Air dry or cool blow dryer then dark jammies. I shower in the morning to remove the chalky residue which reveals the most gawjus glowing bronze! Again, if used every days you can build a dark bronze tan or use once every days to maintain a beautiful, healthy looking color!

I have a blue undertone so my natural, no make up face can be quite pale and pasty. Always shake the canister for mins prior to use and pause and shake while using. I've never had spotchiness, globs or runs. Only Tanner ever used that was so easy and flawless to apply! Other sprays require rubbing in. It's much quicker to shake well than try to fix problems from not shaking! I could still use it but it requires two hands, one to hold the trigger the other too push canister in. Just bought another one! Well worth the price and much cheaper than a professional spray tan!

You can adjust the color by spraying, letting the color dry and reapplying until you get the color you want.. Be careful though Answered by: oceanlover.

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Does this spray darken over several hours? Or stay the color it is when you first spray it? And how many coats do you usually need? Depending on how dark your skin is one coat may be enough. Answered by: JennRose. How messy is it the application? And by this, I mean like the excess spray getting on the floor, etc. It was terrible. I will never buy this again. The tan was orange and streaky too. I ruined towels. Answered by: dontdoit. Can anyone tell me how many uses you can get out of one cartridge??

I just spray my face and arms during the winter months but I spray everyday.

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One cartridge easily last me a month. Answered by: Tannerone. How consistent is it through out the body? For best results put Vaseline over your toenails and lightly on your heels. Keep one of the small sponges handy in case you need to wipe up any drips or runs. May happen a little in high humidity. If you shake thoroughly and frequently and keep moving at a steady pace it should cover evenly. Try to keep the recommended distance from your skin.

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Don't over spray. Apply a few thin coats allowing complete drying between each if you want a darker tan. Answered by: Sunnyinf. VersaSpa Sunless Spray Tan. Thanks to VersaSpa, a beautiful tan can be achieved in a matter of minutes. A VersaSpa spray tan is the 1-rated sunless tan on the market. After just one VersaSpa session, you'll leave Key Largo a more beautiful shade of you!

It's easy to join and you'll be showered in savings, year-round Key Largo Tan opened in , giving Granite City a tanning salon that offers the industry's best tanning equipment, a personalized experience and top-notch customer service. Our award-winning Ergoline tanning beds and VersaSpa spray tan booth will ensure you achieve a beautiful, naturally bronzed tan in just a few sessions.

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