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But the Nokia 2 does have some surprises, not least regular software updates. It has been upgraded to the Android Go version of Android Oreo—a special version specifically designed for budget smartphones. It also has a massive mAh battery that should keep you going at least two days between charges.

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At this price point you need to keep your expectations in check. Check out the best dumb phones for texting, minimalism, style, and more. Read More , the Nokia 2 will do the job. So if you need long battery life, go for the Moto G6 Play. Or if software updates are important, choose a Nokia. Here are the options and which one's the best value for you.

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Enjoyed this article? Plus, they allow you to pop your SIM card out and swap it for a different carrier if you switch cell phone providers or are traveling. Even better, they bypass monthly installment plans that you'd otherwise pay if you lease your smartphone. Be sure to check your carrier's compatibility before making a purchase.

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They offer the perfect blend of design, craftsmanship, industry-crushing performance, as well as a seamlessly intuitive user experience. Compared to their predecessors, the new iPhones feature improved camera sensors, larger batteries, a newer and significantly faster processor, and are made with more durable glass. They faired well in CNET's drop test and surprisingly did not crack after smashing into the concrete. It enables the phones to survive for up to half an hour in 2 meters of water almost 7 feet , as well as spills from hot and cold beverages.

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It even has a fingerprint sensor beneath it. If the full-glass display has you worried about its durability, rest assured that the device has an IP68 water-resistance rating. And there's a lot more to love about this phone. For the first time in Samsung smartphone history, the selfie cameras are integrated into the display panel, as opposed to sitting on top of it.

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S10 with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.

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The Moto G7 by Lenovo is the best budget-friendly smartphone money can buy. We love that it runs stock Android, so its interface is clean and uncluttered. Its 6. Our only complaint is that the device is only water-resistant, not completely waterproof. So, it can handle spills and the rain, but may break if you drop it in water.

They combine powerful hardware, software, long all-day battery life, and the some of the best smartphone cameras in the business. This can make it trickier to decide which one you want.

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This makes it even trickier to be sure you're getting a phone that'll work for you. We're here to help, though. We've reviewed all of the best phones , and have the details you'll need about which carriers you can use them on. We've taken all that information to rank the best unlocked phones for you, so you can get a phone that'll work with the carriers you want and let you save money by only getting the data plan you need, not the one stipulated by an installment agreement. If you to just get the best phone out there without worry about its hefty cost, then the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is it.

The 6. And, the three rear cameras on the back of the Galaxy S10 Plus are among the best we've ever seen. Will it work for me? Note: Make sure you're buying the US-version with a Snapdragon chipset for full carrier support. Read more: Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus review. Release date: September Weight: g Dimensions: With its nearly bezel-less display measuring a full 6. Surgical steel around the edge and a glass front and back make it the phone itself quite the looker as well. While the price is certainly high, there is no better Apple phone. Release date: October Weight: g Dimensions: Still, the screen is a usable 5.

Read more: Google Pixel 3 review. Release date: March Weight: g Dimensions: As new flagship smartphone prices have started to creep up, Samsung did fans of the Galaxy family a favor by releasing the Galaxy S10e. This phone still has much of what makes its biggest siblings great, but it skips a few features, keeps down the size, and thereby keeps down the price.